3 new books in progress as fast as Mr. Sandman can create!


"The Rainbow Riders are a huge hit with my children. You have a ready made market for the Rainbow Riders as every year there is a new batch of readers. I personally love the rhyming nature of the book. My girls loved the story and animated illustrations. The trick is to get books that can stand the test of time. Velveteen Rabbit, Giving Tree, Lupine Lady (Miss Rumphius), anything Bill Peet (my personal favorite), etc. We try to collect all of these kinds of books to keep forever. I think you have something like this with the Rainbow Riders and it just becomes an annuity. Keep these books coming as they are your retirement waiting to happen as you delight the children with your Rainbow Rider magic."

Bill Phipps, July 18, 2011



Garnett conceived of these books his sophomore year at St. Lawrence University, and first copyrighted the idea in 1994.  He was busy building his fine art career, however, so various side projects took a back seat until 2009, when the artist focused on completing some of these books he has had in his mind for many years.

These are the first two books of a continuing series.  The artist is working on three more books in the series.

Click here to link to the Rainbow Riders books on Amazon.


Click here to link to the Rainbow Riders books on Amazon.





"Best kids books ever."

Alexander Emami, October 23, 2013.


"Mia loves the Rainbow Riders books, she really does."

Vin Moran, October 24, 2013


Mr. Sandman,

I've been meaning to tell you. I'm at New Canaan Country Day and your book has been in my classroom for three years. I don't know, there is something about your Rainbow Riders book that just keeps their attention. And it's not a short read, but with your book that doesn't matter. They love the colors, the rhyme, the story, about working together. The Rainbow Riders continues to be at the top of the rotation year after year. It's a special book and I look forward to reading the next ones with them. The Alphabet Safari ? They will love it !

Jen Bean, September 3, 2013


Mr. Sandman,

I want you to know how much Nel adores The Rainbow Riders. She got in the car yesterday to go to school with a notebook, pen and your book. She was trying to recreate your characters with her little magic marker, just as you had done for her on the yellow paper. Then she brought the book in to show her teacher. She LOVES The Rainbow Riders !

Julia Peter, October 26, 2011


Mr. Sandman,

James is obsessed with the Rainbow Riders!! We've seriously been reading them every night for the last few weeks. Do you have prints of any of the artwork from the books for sale?  Would love to get one for him!  I think a poster of the alphabet would be great, or a tshirt with the guys falling out of the rainbow. You have a new fan in James !

Hilary Wittman, October 8, 2010


Mr. Sandman,

Want to let you know my kids love your books. My son has come up with a Rainbow Riders theme song. Almost brought a tear to my eye! And they both said they will love the new books whenever you finish them. You got em' Mr. Sandman. Thanks and congrats!
John Billingsley, March 13, 2010


Mr. Sandman,

Your Rainbow Rider book is spectacular. All 5 of us have read it and love it! Best Regards, Ted Fuller, February 9, 2010


Mr. Sandman,

The Rainbow Riders books are great!  My 3 1/2 year old loves nonsensical-type things, so they are perfect--he laughs throughout the ABC book.  He loves the other one as well!  Anyway, can't wait to see the next ones!

Elizabeth Peirce, January 23, 2010


Mr. Sandman,

The Rainbow Riders rocks! It is my son's favorite book at the moment -- great story!  just wanted you to know that we will be gifting this story to our friends in Boulder and beyond!

Tina Scala, January 19th, 2010


Mr. Sandman,

Just a quick note to say we really love the books and the special signature from Mr Sandman. The Rainbow Riders are amazing creatures and our toughest task is picking out our favorite R.R each time we read the book.

Best, Chad Hollister (professional musician), January 4, 2010


Hi Mr. Sandman,

I presented your book to my class today as their Christmas gift and told them a little bit about you and what you do and that I know you (they think it's so cool that I know an artist and an author).  Anyway. I read the book to them during read aloud time and they LOVED it.  I asked them to share comments or wonderings they had about the book and here are some of the things they said...

"I really like how creative it is."  ~Amber~

"I like how it starts in space and there is a rainbow with people inside who come to a new planet.  I think it's a really good idea and a new idea that we haven't read about before."  ~Martine~

"I like all the colors."  ~Leo~

"I think it's really creative."  ~Jose-Tomas~

"The drawings of the Rainbow Riders are fun because they are all sliding down in different ways.  It's fun."  ~Rachel~

I just thought it would be nice to hear some children's comments about your book.  It's terrific and they really enjoyed it.  Many of them liked that it was a poem. Thank you.

Thanks again for allowing me the opportunity to share your talents with my students.

All the best,
Betsy Cragg, December 9, 2009






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