As the Lead Artist to light The Stamford Train Station (Stamford, CT), The Fox Cities Building for the Arts (Appleton, Wisconsin), and The New London Light Cube (New London, CT), Garnett learned about the complexities of IP-67 rated RGB LED Neon Flex. In the Wild West of exterior RGB LED, Garnett realized that the available standard connectors were an industry-wide problem that people talked about at trade shows and at the wholesale level.

Garnett does NOT recommend standard distribution channels that sell 20 meter rolls of Neon Flex LED that contractors cut onsite (or even worse, in a lift), then affix front and end connectors, then butt splice and heat shrink. There are too many variable points with this industry-standard methodology.

Garnett had issues with several fixtures on his buildings during inclement weather (an industry-wide problem with RGB Neon Flex), so he developed a manufacturing solution whereby lines are cut to project-specific lengths in the factory at low volume (another problem that Garnett had to overcome). The front and the end of each line is sealed with heat injection molding, which eliminates the 2 most susceptible of the 3 connection points. The only connection point remaining is the 4 wire line (RGB/contact) that is butt-spliced (with nautical butt splices and 600 volt heat shrink with the sealing glue inside) to the Belden 2832 6A that is wired on the building to each fixture.

A design key is developed for each project with specific lengths for each fixture. Manufactured LED is date stamped (to qualify one year warranty date) and each shipped box is labeled in accordance with the design key for easy inventory identification during routine maintenance by electrical contractors. A labeling example might be SG RGB LED Neon Flex FCBA V 1-15 - 9m/29.5ft (Fox Building for the Arts, vertical rope fixtures 1-15, which happen to be 9 meters long each). The labeling system and design key are important components of maintenance as each building has varying lengths of Neon Flex throughout its unique design.

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