In high school Garnett sold his art in the parking lots at Grateful Dead concerts.

Garnett got his creative start making art for 50 bands and production companies while at St. Lawrence University, chasing bands all over the Eastern seaboard.

Garnett built a collector base for his fine art after college, which has allowed him to focus all of his energies on original paintings and sculptures since his mid-twenties.


Some of the Bands and Productions Companies that Garnett worked with:

Blues Traveler
Widespread Panic
The Ramones
The H.O.R.D.E. Tour
Leftover Salmon
Wally Ingram
David Lindley
Col. Bruce Hampton
The Fiji Mariners
Dr. Dan Mattrazzo
The Samples
The Spin Doctors
God Street Wine
The Mad Hatters
The Authority
The Dreyer Brothers
Story Lloydd
Second Nature
B.B. King
Chris Berardo
Marc Berardo
The Desberardos

Helmet of Gnats
Savoy Truffle
Chris O’Connor
Arthur Lipner
Deep Banana Blackout
Emperor Jones
Black Dog

P.J. Pacifico

Bill Graham Presents
Silent Partner
DAS Communications
Sony Music
Bear Cat Productions
Memorial Auditorium
The Front
Fox Theater

...and more

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