March 8, 2017 Darien Men's Assocation Speaker

Sandy Garnett, The Year of an Artist (purchase book here)

Sandy Garnett will talk about his career as a fine arts artist and his book, The Year of an Artist. His presentation will include slides of his work and a video. 

A successful painter, sculptor, creator of public arts installations, author and songwriter, he has been plying his craft for the past 25 years. He lives and works out of a loft in South Norwalk.  

Sandy began his career in high school, selling his art in parking lots at Grateful Dead concerts. While attending St. Lawrence University, he set up a studio and created art for 50 bands and production companies. 

 Today, his work can be found in 40 states, 10 countries and a network of 500 collectors. His art has been placed in museums and public, corporate and private collections. Sandy has developed a reputation as a self-sufficient, prolific painter, sculptor and multimedia creator. 

He is best known for his 20-year running Fingerprint Project, which features sculpted and painted fingerprints, human silhouettes and signatures. He recently signed his 1,250th career painting. The first 1,000 paintings appear in his 2012 catalogue, “The First 1000 Paintings of Sandy Garnett.” 

Sandy’s public arts projects have received national recognition. At the Stamford train station, he created a permanent fine arts lighting installation hailed as one of the most compelling public arts projects on the East Coast. Other public arts projects include the Fox Cities Building for the Arts in Appleton, Wis., and the New London Light Cube here in Connecticut. 

As an author, his first book, Baloney Express, is an autobiographical coming-of-age story. The Year of an Artist, published in 2011, documents his survival as an artist. 

He also writes, illustrates and publishes The Rainbow Riders children’s books. 

His album, “Ep1,” is available on iTunes and includes “Busted Wing,” “Sylvie,” “Northern Lights,” “Cruzing,” “Perry Street,” “Every Love” and “MCT of Thee.”

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