This book is dedicated to Artists in all arenas,
Who survive by the blood sport of art.

We hunt the art and mount the heads,
Deep vines which line our studios,
These rhyming, mirrored, former selves,
Our timeless spirit reference shelves.

- Sandy Garnett

Reviews for 'The Year of an Artist'

“Garnett is a superb writer. He is the best independent professional artist at marketing his art that I have seen. Artists and art institutions will benefit from reading this insightful book about pedal to the metal art survival. I loved it.” - John Tremaine, CEO The Emily Hall Tremaine Foundation
"Sandy Garnett's artistry, painting and sculpture have been captured in his latest book, The Year of an Artist. Please look at his website then open his book and fall into his genius." - Theresa Henkelmann, Collector, Homestead Inn, Greenwich, CT
By Katie B. on January 1, 2017 (Amazon Review)"Beautifully captivating. Loved every minute. Mr. Garnett is an incredible talent not just as an artist but as a business man. Because this is such a rare combination, it is incredibly fun to get lost in the day to day of his life while remaining aware of the bigger picture being painted (no pun intended) of what it is like to be a successful artist. An excellent and easy read that will leave you wanting more, more, more."
"Sandy Garnett is an undiscovered genius. His latest tome is a must for anyone in need of inspiration. He is indeed an endangered species!" - Alan Abel, America's Most Famous Hoaxer (, Amazon Review, April 26, 2016

“As with Garnett’s last book Baloney Express, it was a risky and brave move to put it all out there as honestly as he does again in The Year of an Artist. I think that’s what in both cases grabs people about the books. The Year of an Artist is filled with intriguing character studies and fascinating revelations about an artist’s struggle for art survival. A wonderful, revealing book I enjoyed and learned from.” - Robert Begiebing, celebrated author of 8 books, professor of English emeritus at Southern New Hampshire University

"I am loving The Year of an Artist. As an artist, I have actually never painted but am finding the concept of the author's painting “opening up to him” fascinating. His personalization of the painting itself and its role in allowing him in (or not) brings a new perspective on the creative process as collaboration between the materials and the artist, rather than the artist’s mastery of/over the materials.” - Jeanine Esposito, Beechwood Arts,

“Garnett is a beautiful writer. His self-analysis on art survival is very inspiring. I love the passages that describe his creative sustenance filtered through the seasons.  I felt like I was living in the artist’s brain, which is a very interesting place to be.”  - Sandee Kirchhoff, Collector

“Once I started this book I could not put it down until I was finished... I was completely hooked. Garnett is brave and honest about his thoughts and feelings while displaying enormous discipline and effort to sustain himself by his art throughout a daily journal year.  He is very much a sage yogi, and I mean this as a huge compliment.” - Y.I., Fine Artist

“This should be required reading in MFA Programs.” - D.B., Gallerist and Gallery Owner

“He is wary of compliments, but he is a creative genius.” - Tom Gallagher (Garnett’s Late Intellectual Property Lawyer)

“Garnett is not like most mortals, that’s for sure. Between his determination, talent and energy, I don’t understand why Zeus hasn’t been jealous enough to give him one of those mythological challenges.” - Margot Hand, wife of lifetime professional Portrait Master Bob Anderson

“I don’t know how he does what he does. He’s crazy. I started to read the book and a lot of it makes sense, since I run a small business myself. You have the slow times and the fast times, cash flow and project talk, jobs that come and go, the mistakes you can make and the things you can prepare for to run your shop. It reads pretty fast and there are some funny things in there too.” - Steve Romano, master woodworker, Garnett Studio Associate

“Genius.” - Wayne Canney, professional musician

“Edit it all you want. Just don’t get rid of the funny stuff.” - The artist’s Father (and Editorial Staff member)

"Don't think, just buy it." - Chris Denny, Denny Ink PR,

On the heels of his well received first book Baloney Express, Garnett dives into his second project with reckless abandon, documenting the daily trials and tribulations of a professional fine artist, the inner mechanisms of Garnett’s brain and heart spilled on paper as he navigates his fine art studio through another brutal year in post-market crash USA.  

Here is ‘An Armchair Artist Guide’ for all who are interested in observing a wild artist in his natural habitat, living in the wilderness of his studios amidst normal people society, surviving off the land of art.  This is an Al-Anon type book for the loved ones of artists to get a feeling for just what it’s like to make one’s living in this blood sport; the day in and day out grind, the highs and lows of art shows, sales, missed opportunities, creative successes.  Garnett provides his readers with an intimate peak into the world of a solitary artist’s functioning studio, a book that fellow artists, art professionals and art students will gravitate towards, pick up, investigate and come to realize that here is one of their own bleeding for the honorable cause of art.

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