Garnett has made every penny since the day he graduated from St. Lawrence University by creating and selling his paintings and sculptures. He has worked successfully with museums, gallerists, curators and consultants over the years.


If you are an established gallerist and you can visualize a long term strategy with Garnett he would like to hear from you.

If you are an art consultant or art advisor and you can place my works with your clients, the artist looks forward to working with you. Garnett has a large inventory of existing works and is often commissioned to paint and sculpt for collectors (and recently for municipalities with larger public art projects). 



"Your Fingerprint Portrait Installation looks wonderful in our museum."

- Harry Philbrick, Director of The Aldrich Museum of Contemporary Art, Ridgefield, CT.

“The totems look stunning in the gallery, you'll be really excited. The other black granite piece is in our Charlotte Street gallery and they do look so great.”

- Rebecca Hossack, Rebecca Hossack Galleries, London

"Since you seem to be already quite successful I have no doubt that you will rapidly find a New York gallery willing to follow you here. I wish you the best and hope to meet you when come by Geneva."

- Edward Mitterrand, Mitterrand Gallery, Geneva Switzerland

"If something called 'Fingerprint Portrait of David Bowie' is not cutting edge art I don't know what is."

- William Zimmer, The New York Times

"We all know we can be identified by our fingerprint, but the print must be magnified for us to notice its unique patterns and design. In Garnett's work, we are compelled to notice things we have not seen before."

- Wendy Kelley, Curator of the Discovery Museum

“Before Twister, Garnett has been best known for his "fingerprint totems," life-size three- dimensional sculptures of his hands that will forever discourage the artist from committing a crime. His prints have caught the eye of Manhattan collectors. Garnett showed his prints at the Rebecca Hossack Gallery last summer and garnered critical acclaim.”

-Adrian Brune, Hartford Courant, 2006

“Ah, Fingerprints... very interesting... of course you can visit my studio.”

-Chuck Close, 2002.

“It was a pleasure to review and become familiar with your work. The Fingerprint Project is an interesting project and I am delighted to participate.”

Lawrence Rinder

“Enclosed is my fingerprint. I like the slide very much. I will write or call when I have time.”

- David Bowie

“After choosing your wonderful portrait of David Bowie for the Silvermine Guild Galleries show I appreciated the opportunity to become acquainted with the full scope of your work. The Fingerprint Project is very interesting, and I am happy to contribute my prints to your cause.”

- Bill Arning, Curator MIT List Visual Art Center, 2002

“Thanks for the impressive brochure. The idea of attempting characterization through fingerprints is quite extraordinary.”

- Wm. F. Buckley Jr.

“Garnett challenges the world of portraiture in an entirely novel fashion.”

-P. Alexander, 1997

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