Brian Abel

Charlie Adler

Sharon Ainsberg

Helen Allen

Alice Allen

Stacie and Dan Allen

Charlie Appleton

Chris and Shelly Arix

Jake Armstrong

Stephanie Babbit

John and Ellen Bailey

Maria and Ridgeway Barker

Dan and Rena Barsanti

Debbie Basile

Rita and Charlie Bauer

John and Jessica Baylis

Frances Becker

Jeffrey and Wendy Bender

Amy and Peter Benedict

Chris Berardo

Marc Berardo

Gitta and Paul Berg

Michelle and Sandy Berger

John Bergstrom

Robin Bikkal

Jim and Lee Billingsley

Jeffrey Billezikian

Stanley Black

Marty and David Bodack

Tom Bouvier

David and Iman Bowie

Cathy and Bill Bowman

Don Boyle

 Sharon Bradley

George and Ann Brown

Christopher Buckley (Bill Buckley Estate)

Jeff and Cindy Beubendorf

Jennifer and Drew Burke

John and Ellen Bush

Elizabeth Butler

Kate Campbell

Carl Caputo

James Carrier

Tom Cercio and Donna Arnold

Frank Carroll

Miles Carroll

Tom and Lindsay Celiberti

Ann and Bob Chewning

James Clarke

Connie Clephane

Michael Cobban

Sari Cohen

Meghan Cole

Joel Comer

Mr. and Mrs. J. Scott Connery

Rachel Cook

Victoria Copeland

Alex Copeland

Beverly and Steve Crabtree

Austin and Barbro Cragg

Chris and Abby Daley

Carol Dalton

Jamie Delaney

Ken and Cynthia Dardis

Margo Davy

Z. Davis

Alice Bryan Dehner

Jamie Delaney

Polly Denham

David and Grace Diggs

Anne Marie Dinardo

Tara Dolan

Phil and Allison Dolcetti

Carol and Mike Dosdall

Minnie Dubilier

Tarah Duffy

Hazel Durham

Joseph Eagan

Buck Eckholm

Chris and Karen Eddowes

Bill and Ann Edgerton

Annie Edgerton

Margo Elliott

Alex and Gina Ely

Clute and Daphne Ely

Didi and Lolly Emerson

Wayne Esquivel

Bronwyn Evans

Matt Fair

Susan and Jim Farrington

Bruce and Pam Ferguson

Matt and Maria Ferlick

Greg and Leslie Ferrero

Kurt Feuerman

Beverly and Chris Fiorelli

Russ and Kate Fisher

Rita Fitzpatrick

Jackie and Peter Flatow

Don Foley

Bev and Dick Fonner

Todd Fonner

Frank and Catherine Forelle

Pete Forelli

Audrey Sandler Frankenberg

Jay Frazier

Dave Frey

Amy and Brad Frishberg

Jeannine and Kevin Gallagher

Tom Gallagher and Beth Herod

Alex and Dona Garnett

Brooke Garnett

Steve and Claire Garnett

Dave and Jen Gaston

Tim and Katy Gemelli

Pegeen and Bob Genader

Ann and David Geracioti

Kathy Gesualdi

Brian and Erin Geschwell

Heather Gilmartin

The Gilmartin Girls

David Gioiella

Steve and Sally Glick

Andy and Carey Glickson

Michael Gold

Karin and Charles Goldstuck

Andrew Goss

Wiley Graves (the late Mimi Graves)

Charles Gray

Sue and Ed Greenberg

Jack and Marylin Grogins

Annette and Peter Grueterich

Peter and Caroline Hahn

Ed and Jess Hall

The Hall Family

Bob and Judy Hall

Stacy Hanley

Ellen Hanna and Kevin

Kim Harris

Suzanne and James Hascoe

Holly and David Hawes

Patricia and Gus Hedland

Suzanne and Doug Henck

Charles Howe

Noah Hendler and Nancy Lefkowitz

Beth and Bob Heslin

Brendan Hill

Lorraine and Ted Hilton

Maureen Hirsch

Anne Hitchcock

Charlie Howe

Jalna Jaeger and David Callan

Sarah Jaeger

Barbara Jessup

Jayne and Christian Jepsen

Sandi and Bradley Johnson

Sarah and Scott Johnson

Chris Johnson and Kim Delaney

Julie Johnson and Doug Reid

Jeff Kalpak

John and Lesley Kammerman

Kirk Kellogg

R.J. Kelly

Bill and Sarah Keating

Donald Kendall

D.J. Kenny

Drew Kenny

R.J. and Jackie Kelly

Barbara and Joe Kennedy

Jamie and Kristy Kennedy

Shideh Khorasheh

David and Mo Kimbell

Chandler Kinchla

Sandee and Dave Kirchhoff

Christopher and Elizabeth Kirk

Bill Kirk

Kristin Kish

Paul Knag

Chris and Lilly Knight

Shideh Khorashesh

Sallie Krauss

Anthony Lamura

Lori Lewin

Steve and Karen Lexander

Chris and Ann Lineburger

Arthur and Kathy Lipner

Andy and Becky Logan

Parke and Amy Logan

Jim and Pam Love

Roger and Claude Lourie

Joan Lombardozzi

Pam and Jim Love

Brian and Julie Luciani

Rosemary Maggiore

Dan Mallozzi

Camille and Clark Mandigo

Carrie Mandigo

Shane Mannix

Sidney and George Marshman

Christina Matthews

Denise and John Matthews


Matt and Casey McBride

John McCormick

Jen and Jim McDade

Steve McDonald

Matt Merluzzi

Jay and Wenda Millard

The Miller Family

Shelia Minetola

Karen Nash Mirkin

Laurie Mistretta

Robley and Erin Moor

Willis and Gunilla Moore

Mary and John Moran

Mary Moran and Family

Lina Morielli

Liz Mostoway

Jim and Sandy Murphy

Jim and Karen-Lynn Murray

Suzan Neidell

Karen Neita

Gillian and Will Nelson

Patti Nietsch

Alec and Ashley Newi

Chris and Carolyn Nolan

Dana Noonan

Tara Ochman

Peter and Jeannie Olson

Pierce and Stacy Owens

Sarah Ondaajte and David Rupert

Ed O’Neill

Kimberly O’Neill

Oliver and Mick O’Neill

Lesley Osborne

Pierce and Stacy Owens

P.J. Pacifico

Louise and Walt Palmer

Liege and Sarah Payne

Annie Pelletier

Amy and Brian Pennington

Chris and Julia Peter

Clyde Phillips and Jane Lancellotti

Paul and Sarah Philpot

Nancy Pipicelli

Jim and Carrie Plutte

Scott Pomfret

John Popper

Nevada Powe

Rob and Sue Powell

Jim Prell

Tom Quinn

Heather and Todd Raker

Mrs. Ramming

Sherry and Brian Ramsey

Guy and Sandy Randolph

Dr. James and Robin Reardon

Jen and Matt Reese

R.W. Reiniger

Nick and Martha Risom

Mary and Peter Rolla

Frank Ronnenberg

Susan Ross

Susan Ryder

Marnie Sadlowsky

William Schaberg

John and Dana Schod

Leo and Diane Schlinkert

Ellen and Phil Scove

Adam Seiden

Kelli Seliger

George and Myrna Sessa

Jane and Terry Shea

Cari Siegal

Sophie Simmons

Jerre and Lawrence Skeats

Meghan Johnson Smith

Mike Slater

Barb and Bob Smith

Frank Smurlo Jr.

Matt and Julianna Spain

Vicki and Gerry Spindler

Ned and Beth Steinkraus

Mark and Harriott Sternlicht

Rollie Stevenson

Teddy Stoeklein

Susie Stoeklein

Courtney Suhler

Charlotte and John Suhler

Ned Steinmetz

David Strickland

Shaun and Tina Sullivan

Jim and Lizzie Swan

Ross and Annie Taylor

Carey and Dan Thomasson

Trish Tierney and Tierney Family

Jean-François and Sylvie Tine

Jamie and Calista Todd

William and Jane Told

Paul Torgerson

Elena Totsi

Gean and Page Tremaine

Kady Tremaine

Kyaiera and Ryan Tucker

Alexander and Elizabeth Tuff

Jennifer Tulko

Ed Tunick

Margot and Charlie Tusa

Steve and Aimee Tusa

Fran Unrine

Hans and Marjolijn Van Der Kloot
Pam Van Hoven (Clark)

Jean Van Sciver

Helen Vigors

Anne VonKreuter

Jen Wagman

Liz Walles

Elaine Walsh

Michael and Sharon Warde

Alanna Waters

Susie Watkins

Kelly and Scott Watson

Jenny Weil

Philip Weyhe

The Whalen Family

Kelly and Dave Wheeler

Kari and Scott Williams

Cindy Wittstock

Mollie Wolin

Ingrid Wright

Patty and Chris Young

Kristina Young

Karl and Cecily Ziegler

Frank Z




The City of Appleton, Wisconsin

The City of New London, CT

The City of Stamford, CT

Fox Cities Building for the Arts, Appleton, WI

Hindley Elementary School, Darien, CT

Hygienic Art Organization, New London, CT

St. Lawrence University, Canton, NY

Stamford Superior Court, Stamford, CT

The Stamford Partnership, Stamford, CT

The Trout Museum of Art, Appleton, WI

The State of Connecticut Office For the Arts




A. Logan & Associates, San Francisco, CA

Barclay Kalpack Associates, NY, NY

Bergstrom Motors, Neenah, WI

Bill Graham Presents, New York, NY

Blues Traveler Empire, New York, NY

Caxton Associates, NY, NY

Corcoran Jennison, Stamford, CT

DO H Chung & Partners, Greenwich, CT

Fishtales Seafood Co., New Canaan, CT

Faith Technologies, Menasha, WI

GM Motors, Detroit, MI

The Homestead, Greenwich, CT

J.J. Bender & Associates, Westport, CT

J.W. Allen Co., Inc., NY, NY

The Loading Dock, Stamford, CT

Merrill Lynch, New York, NY

Northern Lights Post, New York, NY

Northwestern Mutual, New York, NY

Pepsico, Purchase, White Plains, NY

QCMF Manufacturing, Appleton, WI

SHO + CO, New York, NY

Small Business Service Bureau, Inc. Worcester, MA

Wright & Associates, MSA, New York, NY

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