Dan good to see you last night at paddle. Happy to work with you on art consulting solutions, pictures that 'are not photographs.' If you send some photos of walls you are thinking about I will be able to work with them. Below I will post some starting links for you to see what's in my inventory. I often paint for spaces and by commission as well.

One thing people around here enjoy is topical landscapes and nauticals that refer to the area that we know.. Long Island Sound etc. I'm about to paint a large Wilson Cove for Karl Ziegler as a recent example (I just painted a portrait of his father as well).

Take a look at these links and we can start talking. There is no pressure. I have ongoing conversations with my friends and collectors over the years, the way art comes and goes. It would be fun to find some paintings that you and your wife will enjoy. I have them.. we just have to find the right answers!



Paintings Inventory

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